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LG 18650 21700 cells

  • 18650 M29 2850mAh 3C Battery
18650 M29 2850mAh 3C Battery

18650 M29 2850mAh 3C Battery

INR18650M29 2850mAh 3.67V 18650 M29 Lithium-ion Battery

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MSDS UN38.3 RoHS BIS KC UL1642 CB IEC62133 are passed

1. General Information of 18650M29

1.1 Scope: This product specification defines the requirements of the rechargeable lithium ion battery.
1.2 Product classification: Cylindrical
1.3 Model name: INR 18650 M29
2. Nominal Specification
2.1 Nominal Capacity 2,850mAh (0.2C, 2.50V discharge)
2.2 Minimum Capacity 2750mAh (0.2C, 2.50V discharge)
2.3 Norminal Energy 10.5Wh (0.2C, 2.50V discharge)
2.4 Nominal Voltage 3.67 V (0.2C, 2.50V)
2.5 Standard Charge Method: CC CV
Charging Voltage : 4.20V
Charging Current : 0.5C (1,375 mA)
Cut off Current : 50mA
2.6 Max. Charge Current 1.0C (2,750mA)
2.7 Standard Discharge Method: CC
Discharging Current : 0.2C (550mA)
Cut off Voltage : 2.50V
2.8 Max. Discharge Current: 6,000mA(for continuous discharge) 10,000mA(not for continuous discharge)
2.9 Weight 45.00 g