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How to ship Lithium-ion batteries by sea?

What should be paid attention to when shipping lithium batteries? What procedures are required for export?

Lithium batteries and lithium battery products will be identified as class 9 dangerous goods only when the battery capacity reaches a certain level. Some low-power products with lithium batteries are normally transported as ordinary goods, such as those with less than 10000 MA / h, which are relatively safe products with lithium batteries. Class 9 dangerous goods need to be operated in strict accordance with the specifications of class 9 dangerous chemicals whether they are stored or transported.

The products of lithium battery class 9 hazardous chemicals are mainly divided into three parts:
This category is battery products, such as lithium batteries, energy storage boxes, emergency power supplies, etc.
Products with lithium battery equipment, such as Bluetooth speakers, intelligent robots, Bluetooth headsets, floor sweeping robots, hand-held vacuum cleaners, etc.

Vehicles with lithium batteries, such as unicycles, electric balance vehicles, electric scooters, electric bicycles, vehicles and tools with lithium iron phosphate batteries, etc.

Where is the dangerous package certificate for lithium battery shipping:
For the export of lithium batteries by sea, a dangerous goods packing certificate is required, that is, a dangerous goods packing certificate. The packaging manufacturer needs to go to the inspection and Quarantine Department of the local customs to issue a certificate, and the packaging should meet the packaging requirements of lithium batteries. The lithium battery manufacturer shall go to the local customs to prove that the outer case of the packaging manufacturer used for packaging meets the requirements for lithium battery packaging, and apply for the use appraisal. The contents of the dangerous package certificate include: performance certificate, performance sheet and result sheet of use appraisal report.
Safe storage of 9 categories of hazardous materials such as lithium batteries

Safe storage methods for class 9 hazardous materials such as lithium batteries:

After lithium batteries and lithium battery products are produced, they need to be stored in a regular battery warehouse. The manufacturer will have its own battery warehouse. If it is in the peak season, the manufacturer's own battery warehouse is often insufficient. Some third-party battery warehouses will be rented to store lithium battery products. The logistics freight forwarder should also have an independent dangerous goods storage area, which should be stacked separately from ordinary goods and meet the storage conditions of lithium batteries.

What procedures are required for the export of lithium batteries by sea?

1. the export of lithium batteries by sea shall be declared to the customs and the maritime safety administration


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